The Board

Amna Hasan Ali Saleh AlHammadi
Non-executive Director

Amna Hasan Ali Saleh Al Hammadi is a UAE citizen and investor, currently managing her family wealth which has accumulated through investing in real estate and equity markets in the UAE. She is the 49% shareholder of Dana Middle East Investments LLC, a company that is incorporated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and engaged in industrial development projects as well as private fund assets. Amna Al Hammadi is a non-executive Board Member in Gulfa Mineral Water & Processing Industries Co. (PLC), a company that is publicly listed in Dubai Financial Markets (DFM) and operating in the field of water bottling and processing. Amna Al Hammadi is also the sister of Khalifa Al Hammadi and has joint investment projects together across various industries.


Khalifa Hasan Ali Saleh AlHammadi
Chief Financial Officer

Khalifa AlHammadi is a UAE businessman who is engaged in investing mainly in financial markets. Khalifa AlHammadi is also the current Chief Executive Officer and a director of the board in Union Properties PJSC, a public joint stock company established under the relevant laws and regulations of UAE. In addition, he is the Chairman of the Board in Blue Stone (Jordan) Investments (PSC), a public joint stock company that is established in the Kingdom of Jordan and operating in the field of investing in industrial companies, real estate and various financial institutions.